April 27, 2018

PMC Technology

Through PMC Group One’s extensive industry experience, our research and development projects have yielded SmartWALK, a tool for efficiently managing critical facility operational processes. Operating mission-critical facilities involves more than just monitoring building functions and equipment rooms on a BMS or DCIM platform. It is just as important for engineering staff to be in front of equipment on a regular basis, particularly where equipment lacks telemetry. Placing knowledgeable personnel in front of equipment will allow them to detect anomalies that may be missed by automated sensors and meters. SmartWALK is the only comprehensive, integrated solution that addresses OPERATIONAL management, whereas other products are focused on traditional tenant management, work ticket solutions, or a single aspect of operations, like Inventory Library. Simplify your day to day operational tasks with SmartWALK.

Value and Benefits of SmartWALK

  • A current asset management/equipment inventory portfolio.
  • Maintaing building operations in a consistent, safe, and efficient manner.
  • File, organize, and locate regulatory documentation quickly and efficiently.
  • Centralized, current documentation is readily available to all staff.
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Trend performance and availability for equipment with no telemetry.
  • A tool to bridge the knowledge gaps during employee transition.
  • Cloud based data synchronization.
  • Reporting and email notifications.


  • Rounds and Readings – Facilities & Physical Security
  • MOP / SOP Tracking
  • Reduce on-boarding timeline for new Team Members via:
  • Standard repository for Documents – Equipment Manuals and Engineering Drawings
  • Eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets & utilize Field Personnel more efficiently
  • Track physical inspections for areas lacking no telemetry