April 25, 2018


The PMC Group is an engineering, research, and technology company dedicated to helping facilities professionals, engineering managers, and engineering contractors achieve excellence for the Mission Critical Facilities they construct and operate. Our divisions include:


We integrate green and clean technologies with engineering and design solutions, while augmenting energy security for the critical infrastructure that sustains our everyday way of life. We also apply our engineering expertise to the education and training sector, providing up-to-date resources for educating tomorrow’s engineers. Learn more.


We are dedicated to advancing Mission Critical technology by leveraging our expertise and techniques, based on years of experience, to make the most of today’s technology and innovation. Our research and development projects yield tools for efficiently managing critical facility infrastructure. Learn more.


Integrate and present all of your information in a single, natural, interactive, easy-to-understand, common, user-defined operating environment, delivered wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Learn more.