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We are an engineering, research, and technology company dedicated to helping facilities professionals, engineering managers, and contractors improve UPtime in the mission critical facilities they construct and operate.

PMC Group One, LLC brings unsurpassed excellence to the mission critical facilities engineering industry. We provide best-in-class mission critical engineering and consulting services that improve operations, reduce downtime, and promote energy efficiency.

We offer a comprehensive education program that encourages professional development and contributes to the ever-evolving needs of our digital society. Highly esteemed ideals of integrity, safety, efficiency, cost containment, environmental consciousness, and a dedication to outstanding workmanship are tightly woven throughout our services.

  • Providing best-in class mission critical solutions when 100 percent up-time is the only option.

  • When improving up-time is the only way to the top, we provide best-in-class mission critical solutions.

  • Our technology and processes maintain up-time so you can stay on top.

  • Mission critical tools, technology, and complete engineering solutions to find your risks to up-time.

Best Practices for Next-Generation Mission Critical Systems

In today’s global digital economy and 24/7 business operations, mission critical systems are at the forefront of concerns among both private and public operations. This book, authored by PMC Group President and CEO Peter M. Curtis, is an invaluable resource for architects, property managers, facility managers, building engineers, information technology professionals, data center personnel, and electrical and mechanical technicians. You can purchase the book from Amazon or Wiley, use promo code "AUT27" for a discounted price on Wiley.

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